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In 1915 Stephen E. Bayley settled in Pine Point, dug clams in Jones Creek and trapped lobsters off the coast to feed his wife and four sons. When there was enough left over to sell, his wife Ella would cook the lobsters and sell them to people through her kitchen window.

The years passed and the business grew enough so that Steve and his sons bought lobsters from other local fishermen, and built tanks so that they could store larger quantities of lobsters in order to sell to restaurants and other dealers. The business is now owned and run by Steve’s grandson Bill and his great-granddaughter Susan.

Lefty the Lobster

Lefty the Lobster

Oct 18th 2015

Normally, a lobster has two different claws. One which has dull points on it, much like a human's molar teeth, that crushes its food and one that has sharp points on it to tear the food. Every once in a while, we see one that has a genetic mutation like Lefty here, who has two left claws and no right!